For Whom?

As a preventative, curative or diagnostic treatment, AGGABS® is an excellent resource and solution regardless of age or impediment for: babies, children, adolescents, adults, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Sessions and Treatments:

A session lasts between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on the patient and the patient's condition. In the initial phase of the treatment, sessions can take place every week or two. From that point, the time between sessions increases to usually one month or more. The number of sessions required depends on the ability of the body to respond and react to the activation that is taking place (i.e. children and babies tend to respond quickly cutting the treatment time in half).

How Does the Technique Work?

Using physical "touch" to active the body's systems, the technique of AGGABS® is the successive application of the hands and fingers (one hand the positive pole, the hand the negative pole) in precisely determined areas of the body. The precision of the "touch" on the two specific points and the sequence of points allows the polarized activation of those points leading to a bodily response of the nervous, circulatory and/or skeletal systems. In addition, AGGABS® is aligned with statistical standards of validity, reliability and repetitivity.

A topographic map has been created which serves as a support for the practitioner to be able to recall the location of points and the sequence that specifically follows each point.

What AGGABS® Is:

AGGABS® is a gradual and general activation of the body and its systems is a revolutionary discovery and therapy that works. This is seen and reinforced through the success of its patients and its ever-growing demand. A fundamental difference between AGGABS® and other therapies or treatments is the focus on the globality of the body which enables the practitioners to discover and treat the source of the problem opposed to treating the symptom.

What AGGABS® is NOT:


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