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What is AGGABS®?

AGGABS® is the result of over 30 years of empirical research which has been published and structured into a teachable and controlled method with repeatable protocols and techniques. AGGABS® allows the non-invasive exploration of the human body through A Gradual General Activation of the Body and Systems (which defines the term AGGABS®). AGGABS® treats the imbalance and malfunctions of the skeletal, circulatory and nervous systems focusing on the globality of the whole body.

The Therapeutic Approach:

AGGABS® offers health care professionals and therapists an assessment tool, diagnostic tool and curative tool that emphasizes the totality of the body. It is a non-invasive treatment of the human body which uses touch at two separate points on the body as a physical vector to provoke a physiological response such as electrical or chemical aiming to restore homeostasis on all levels of the body. Furthermore, the response and reaction of the body gives indication of a disease or a dysfunction within the system (skeletal, circulatory and nervous systems) being worked and the human body.

The gradual and general activation of the body and its systems is a revolutionary discovery and therapy that works. This is seen and reinforced through the success of its patients and its ever-growing demand. A fundamental difference between AGGABS® and other therapies or treatments is the focus on the globality of the body which enables the practitioners to discover and treat the source of the problem opposed to treating the symptom.

What AGGABS® is NOT :

  • Conventional physiotherapy
  • An alternative technique
  • Manual medicine
  • An "energy" related medicine,
  • A therapeutic touch
  • A massage, Shiatsu, Reiki
  • "A positioning of the hands"
  • A mixture of techniques, therapies, and medicines available: acupuncture,
    ayurvedic medicine
  • Training

    How to become an
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