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Posted by : Desneux Barbara

My two children were treated by Alexandra Martz for the last few months and I see everyday a positive development for both of them. My two and a half year old son has had reflex problems since birth. He sleeps poorly and was very guarded towards people and food. Since he has been treated he sleeps every night, grows better and expresses himself clearly and has no fear anymore. I think he is at peace with himself, calmer and less angry. My daughter is 5 and a half years old and was treated for several weeks. She has gained more and more self confidence through the sessions and is able to concentrate more. I think it’s important to treat our children from an early age even without apparent problems, and this way adults are fulfilled and happy… I cannot thank Alexandra Martz enough for the peaceful nights she has offered our family ;).

Posted by : Marliere Stephanie

I discovered AGGABS from our family Dr. who was able to help my son with his persistent asthma. The results were so fast and lasting (over one year now). AGGABS has also helped my daughter with her calcaneal spurs on her heels… I also enjoyed the sessions throughout this timeframe for the global and preventative approach as well as the disappearance of many small physical problems (i.e. fidgety legs). The sessions are a privilege and give you the feeling to be actually taking care of yourself. Thank you.

Posted by : Vermeire Cecile

Hello, our little girl who is 10 years old has been treated three times from Alexandra Martz for repetitive stomach pain that she has had for many years along with occasional head-ache. The results were so conclusive and positive that after she had an acute eczema in July we returned to an AGGABS therapist. She had another session with Alexandra and since then the eczema had decreased day by day. We were able to avoid the cortisone ointment that they dermatologist recommended. Instead of cortisone she had two applications of olive oil twice a day (recommended by Alexandra Martz called Fertlia Bio) which soothed the itching completely. She could then manage the contact with water from the swimming pool and sea water pool. She used to wake up several times during the night with a tingling and itching feeling. She now sleeps like a groundhog! During the first three sessions for her stomach pain they also addressed a problem with fungi under her toenails and fingernails that caused her to have white and rough nails. The blood circulation was worked with a global treatment and all was restored. Thanks again Alexandra. We will remember the experience of olive oil.

Posted by : Pire Jean Leon

Due to many transatlantic flights in economy class, I often had lower back pain that caused me to take Valtran. Every time I came back from a flight I had to go to a physical therapist for the inversion table, etc. I tried AGGABS for the first time because of my toes cramping, but because of the globality of the treatment my lower back pain was also treated. The situation with the toe cramping was resolved greatly, and I have had no need for the physical therapists nor Valtran anymore. I have had regular treatments which were focused on various pathologies like muscle cramps, and insulin regulation and I had almost immediate results which were long term (without medication). The fact that the technical tool of AGGABS health care can be taught to physicians and physiotherapists is also very convincing in my case.

Posted by : S. M.

For many years I suffered from back pain like lumbago which blocked my back up to 3 months. Every month I had follow-up visits from an osteopath and she had to treat me with extreme care because of my sensitivity of my back getting stuck and blocking. Since I have been treated with AGGABS I am alive again. My back has not been blocked since. I can now play sports again and I am no longer afraid. If mild pain occurs I can control it and continue to do what I would like to do! My children have been treated many times for sprains and each has had a very quick healing without casts or splints…Fantastic! There are so many areas where I have seen results that I cannot describe them all: wisdom teeth operation, quick orthodontic treatment, sudden growth and increased sociability, etc… Thanks.

Posted by : Mallo Thierry

My family and I have used AGGABS technique for 15 years and the results arising from this health care tool in our eyes are simply staggering. In fact, I can give an example of virulent bronchiolitis that my almost 2 month old daughter had which required hospitalization. Without the use of medicine and being monitored by the General Doctor, my daughter recovered in three days of the AGGABS treatment. I, myself, am able today to convey this testimony without going into details of my complex health problems from flu to chronic pain or minor injuries (sprains, bruises…) and problems such as sinusitis, gastroenteritis, chronic intestinal problems, and chronic back pain which are medically significant. Despite all of these issues I have seen the benefits from the technique AGGABS. After a session, the body seems to be “lighter” and I realize that I am more clam and serene. It gives me the impression of having a physical and psychological balance which allows me to make decisions easier and better manage my everyday life. It’s like having the feeling of balance between the different body systems. It felt as though the treatment has helped the systems be more effective throughout time. I will finish by stating that this technique has allowed me to survive and live in complete possession of my life, in confidence and peacefully. Thank you to life… Thank you AGGABS.

Posted by : Ragoubi May

My son has had chronic asthmatic bronchitis. Since the first session of AGGABS which was recommended by Dr. Anne Declerck I saw great improvements. He breathes much better and sleeps all night long as well as he has more energy. An excellent therapy. Thanks Dr. Declerck.

Posted by : Staicu Anna

I discovered the technique AGGABS through a friend. I live near Paris and I met Boris Dupont who is based in Paris. I am a singer, my body is my music instrument like it is for everyone, but for me I need to understand my body very well. When I became aware of AGGABS I had just planned a two month tour in Africa. I had a feeling this timeframe would not have been a good idea for me, for my future health and the continuity and evolution of my job. And it was exactly that. Since I have been back a lot of changes have taken place. The session with Boris Dupont brought enormous changes in my way of life and singing because everything is connected. The deeply blocked vocal areas that I hadn’t been able to free, Boris Dupont pinpointed them and was able to explain why they were blocked and helped these areas work on their own (tonicity and fluidity). Recently, I had a tracheo-laryngo-pharyngitis five days before a concert. Regular in depth sessions allowed me to experience all of the positive results after four months: in parallel with a homeopathic treatment I was healed in just three days. Finally, I am able to live with this precious team (my body) and listen to it, respect it and live more and more with this passion of being a singer. Additionally, I’ve been able to develop as well as expand my self-confidence and overall life. I sincerely thank the people who have discovered this technique, like Boris Dupont. Thanks to him I live much better. Thank you AGGABS.

Posted by : Maleki Nicolas

I had a cervical problem and had physiotherapy sessions, which helped and made me feel better; yet, they did not stop the pain. The AGGABS method was used on one specific point of my body and the pain disappeared immediately…Look at the result! I became more interested in AGGABS. I had three sessions for a global balance. I really felt a difference after a few weeks: I have found serenity again instead of how I was before with high-tension and permanent stress. I highly recommend, for everyone, this painless method that clearly makes you feel better.

Posted by : Johnson L.S.

When I first heard about AGGABS I was not sure if this was a real alternative to using common methods of medical treatments. When I heard from my daughter about what AGGABS has done her and how it has helped her body overall, my doubts were fewer. I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer and I had no idea how western medicine/chemotherapy would attack my body. I had major side-effects (losing hair, fingernails, water retention, etc.). The day before my bi-lateral mastectomy I began AGGABS treatments. The next day I had surgery and out of recovery I had additional treatments. THANK GOD FOR AGGABS!! In the hospital, post operatively a patient is normally given morphine or a similar drug: in my case, I only needed Dilaudid with small dosages. My hair immediately started to grow back within 48 hrs of the first treatment. My nail beds changed back to a healthy color and have begun to heal - I can see growth. My eyebrows are coming back too (within 4 days of treatment). Thanks to AGGABS I have been able to go as long as 19 hours without any pain medication (5 days after surgery). With each day forward my energy increases beyond normal expectations. My overall recuperation from surgery has been fast and my body’s overall circulation has improved exponentially as well as my digestion. The skin tone in my breast area is AMAZING! Due to AGGABS the circulations has improved in the inscion area which has prevented scar tissue from forming (which causes lumps, scar tissue, and necrosis.) My Doctors are very shocked and pleased all at the same time. I look forward to additional treatments for continued success with my overall recuperation. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART because I feel normal. This treatment is WORTHY FOR ALL TO TRY.

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