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Posted by : J. J.

I’ve been dealing with carpal tunnel in my right wrist and numbness in my hand for months. Surgery was scheduled to be repair the condition. After three treatments with AGGABS it is evident that I will no longer need surgery because AGGABS has successfully eliminated all of the problems and symptoms. I also had a fresh deep tissue open wound on my finger which had an infection- it was red, swollen and tender. The treatment provided and amazing and immediate response of reduction to the redness, decreased swelling and it wasn’t as sensitive to touch as before. Everyone who I have referred for treatment has been astonished and amazed with the results.

Posted by : DC Loreto

My experience with AGGABS was incredible. I had various treatments, but the most incredible thing was my new ability to breathe clearly. This little problem of sinusitis and congestion has a bigger impact than people realize. Now, the fact that I can ACTUALLY BREATHE helps me sleep better and feel better. Being able to resolve this problem has changed my life…there is a whole body benefit. I was also treated for lower-back pain, which I don’t have any more thanks to AGGABS. The thing that people need to realize is AGGABS can help anyone even if you have a small, minor issue like sinus congestion—it will change your life!

Posted by : JA JA

I was injured at work almost 3 years and was stuck in the workers compensation system. I had been to over 5 doctors who diagnosed me with a herniated disc, trochanteric bursitis, sciatica, pelvic nerve damage and soft tissue strain. Though I received an abundance of diagnosis’, the only treatments I received were cortisone injections, acupuncture, epidural injections and an over abundance of pain pills to numb the actual problems. I knew my doctors were missing something and just masking the issues; however, I had trouble believing that AGGABS could be the solution after going no where for almost 3 years. I NEVER could have imagined that AGGABS would give me a taste of my life before the injury in just one treatment. I was taking 1-2 pills of a heavy narcotic, every 4-6 hours every day, not to mention a nightly muscle relaxer for spasms in my back. After my first treatment, I only needed to take half a pill for the entire day and did not need any muscle relaxers for one month after my first treatment. For over 2 ½ years I walked with a limp and leaned to the right when I sat, which caused pain in my hip that radiated down my leg. By the 2nd treatment, my sciatica was alleviated, but most importantly, I was able to walk without a limp and sit up straight in any chair, couch or seat. I also was able to stop taking my anti-depressants Prozac without and side-effects. I stopped taking them and was treated two weeks later was treated. Due to the globality of the treatment it actually made me feel better- I had emotions- I was happier- I had more energy and I was off the drug. Anyone who is skeptical about AGGABS, I ask you one question; if all it took to live your life without pain and limitations was to try a new revolutionary treatment that didn’t have to do with drugs and pain and being a guinea-pig—why wouldn’t you? I am forever grateful to receive my life back after being told I would have to live with this pain the rest of my life.

Posted by : DC Amy

I have always had cold feet, cold hands, cold nose and overall circulation problems. Doctors have always said that there is nothing that one can do…just drink hot foods and eat hot foods! Not so motivating! When I was treated with AGGABS I immediately felt a heat rush from my core spread throughout my body. I, for the first time, felt warm from the inside out. As time went on I saw that my figure actually changed and the little chubbiness I had around my ankles (due to blocked circulation) went completely away. I had normal ankles. My toes were also curled which I thought was normal. As I was being treated I could ACTUALLY SEE MY TOES/FEET CHANGING. I DID NOT EVEN RECOGNIZE MY FEET! It was flooring! We took before and after pictures because I knew nobody would believe the transformation. Just astonishing. I also had digestive problems and through the global treatment of AGGABS I can FINALLY consume food without burping immediately after I eat. When I was doing the treatment I felt as though my stomach wasn’t attached—in the sense it was so light it was like air… it wasn’t there and I finally felt a great sense of relief..a relief that I have never felt before. SIMPLY AMAZING!! I was able to seek other benefits from AGGABS as well while I was finishing my Master’s Degree. AGGABS was able to help me concentrate more and I was treated for stress and anxiety which I felt immediate results from. I love AGGABS and it is the greatest curative and preventative tool anyone can find. An absolute MUST! Everyone who I have referred to AGGABS has had life changing experiences and always remains speechless for the results.

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